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A Future of unlimited possibilities with Construction X.

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Becoming a construction agent is similar to the Real Estate Agent . There is a course and certificate process to learn basic construction format, rules and guidelines. Once a potential agent has passed the training course a certificate is issued. The agent can then search for leads in said area of expertise commercial or residential.  An agent can hold both certificates. There are over 700,000 construction companies in the USA as a Con X agent you're partnered with them All.   

Disaster Relief Zones

Construction X  agents certified in disaster relief states have huge opportunities to help rebuild communities while building a catalog of projects within a short period of time. With construction X  full services we help agents process FEMA, insurances claims and provide construction on demand. Providing faster service to cities with damaged areas to roads & powerlines. ConX agents are first to respond to these disasters helping consumers find construction companies that care.


A construction agent supervises construction projects from remodeling to home building, roofing and other contractor projects. Unlike real estate agents, who may sell a few homes a year. Certified Construction X agents can supervise hundreds of construction projects a year from their online wallet creating the ultimate passive independent income.


Construction X is a full service construction 

Agency nationwide . With thousands of General contractor partners we can ensure services are provided in a timely manner , supervised by our certified Construction agents. 


Agents who are partnered with construction X  Agency are giving access to thousands of construction contractors, scope software,  insurance processing support and much more to help Agents provide on demand services to homeowners 


Construction X Agents help provide Disaster zones and relief opportunities with faster and more reliable local contractors support. By identifying Commercial / homeowners needs and supervising the scope of the project until completion. Allowing faster lead times and turnarounds for construction projects in your region. 

PASSIVE Construction Income

If you are passionate about real estate and want the opportunity to generate passive income in the construction industry Holding a construction certification allows freedom and independence to your career. 


• Manage accounts via online application.

• Work on your schedule for visits to new and existing projects

• Manage Passive income: receive project payments via cash wallet online. Upload profile manage accounts and leads.  

As A Construction X Agent you will learn:

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