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Oil & Gas Readings and Carbon Offset

Construction X Agency is a Homeowners aid to construction quotes & construction supervision solutions. 

Post disaster Homeowners receive hundreds of contractors soliciting contracts that they aren’t qualified to perform.  

Construction X provides Homeowners with local General Contractors partnered exclusively with Construction X, to provide the best quotes and construction on your home using General Contractors with a proven record in your state.  

Allow Construction X Agency to help you today. 


At, we provide Homeowners with On-Demand construction solutions at no cost. We offer training with estimates, insurance adjusting and project supervising to our agents. Our mission is to provide personalized solutions to Homeowners.

We prioritize safety and reliability in all of our roofing projects. Our experienced team of professionals ensures that your roof is sturdy and secure.

Our roofing services are affordable and cost-effective. We work with your budget to provide you with the best roofing solutions for your home.

Switching Roofs

Disaster Relief

For nearly 6 years Construction X has served Disaster Construction needed areas in the best interest of Homeowners retrieving their livelihood post storms/disaster.
Construction X assists local Homeowners post Hurricanes in the removal of debris. Construction X also assists authorities with rescue operations, all while donating time to the Red Cross or Cajun Navy in food dispensing efforts, 
on the ground in real time to provide On-Demand Construction options to Homeowners.

Wood Framed Glass Door


Partnered Construction X General Contractors are licensed in each category of Construction performed under your state. In the state of Florida, a Contractor most be licensed for Roofing separately along with a General Contractors License. Construction X provides Homeowners with the security of knowing that their project will be complete by professionals.


Choose the quote that best fits your budget & select a start date with your agent to supervise the scope of work as assessed by you. Sign up today for your free estimate or call 800-959-3161 for emergency On-Demand Construction needs. 

3D Developments 

At Construction X 3D Printing, we specialize in offering 3D printing solutions for home construction. Our services range from initial prototyping to final printing and we use only the very best materials available to ensure the highest quality results. With a focus on sustainability, we are committed to transforming the way the world builds homes.

Our state-of-the-art printers are capable of producing high-quality parts for your home construction project. We use the latest printing techniques to ensure accuracy and precision in every piece.

We understand the importance of sustainability in today's world. That's why we offer a wide range of eco-friendly materials that are both durable and high-quality.

Adjusting a Model
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