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Home Owner Insurance Claims

ConstructionX  Agency is a Homeowners Aid to construction Quotes & construction supervision solutions. 

Post disasters Homeowners receive hundreds of contractors soliciting contracts they aren’t qualified to perform.  

Construction X provides homeowners with Local general contractors partnered exclusively Construction X to provide the best Quotes and construction on your Home. GC’s with a proven record in the state.  

Allow Conx to help you today. 


Construction X General contractors partners are licensed in each category of Construction performed under the state. In the state of Florida a contractor most but licensed for Roofing separately the General Contractors License. construction X provides homeowners with the security of knowing the project will be complete by professionals.


Choose the quote that best fits your budget, select a start Date with your agent to supervise scope as assessed by yourself. Sign up  today for your free estimate or Call 8009593161 for emergency OnDemand construction needs. 

Wood Frame of House

Disaster Relief

For nearly 6 years Construction X has served Disaster Construction needed areas in the best interest of Homeowners retrieving their livelihood post storms.
ConX assist local homeowners post Hurricanes in the removal of Debris. Conx also Assist authorities with rescue operations, all while donating time to the Red Cross or Cajun Navy in food dispensing efforts. 
On the ground in real time to provide OnDemand Construction options to homeowners

Build With Con X

Construction X offers nationwide commercial and residential construction services. With construction agents and construction partners nationwide Con X offers a more reliable and intuitive homeowner building experience. Homeowners can track their experience from their Con X online accounts. 

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