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Are you in love with Real-estate and Construction but can’t figure out where to start ? Began your career in a industry that never stops. Start Supervising construction projects in your city today. Become a Certified Construction Agent today and start a career in Construction supervising . A Salary Pay structure with unlimited commission earning growth.


ConstructionX has created the ultimate stress-free environment for agents...

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Earn a 6 figure career supervising Residential construction projects as a Certified Agent or Non Certified Agent with Construction X. 
Full Time or  part time positions are available 
  • Construction Agent Certification isn’t required to be considered a job opportunity with construction X.  

  • Non certified agents Must have a resume with construction and damage estimation experience for eligibility. 

  • Certified Agents have higher base salary opportunities. 

  • Salary + Commissions opportunity 

  • Crm Training provided  

  • Field Training provided 

  • Access to ConX system with personalized databases to monitor contracts

  • Guaranteed Leads provided  by Conx to increase your financial goals.  

  • Sales Experience welcomed. 

  • Additional lead software provided by construction 

  • Access to ConX brochures and business Administration services

Advance your career in  Real Estate and construction with Construction X

Entrepreneurship with Employment security

  • The first salary based opportunity that is an investment to your determination create your own schedule to visit properties 

  • Agents determine their income. Visiting  up to 4 provided Appointments daily in their area to activate. 

  • Pre-confirmed Verified leads via ConX Admin. 

  • Get commissioned Multiple times during per contract + commision 

  • Partnership commission payments are issued through  payroll services for direct  deposit 

  • Travel flexibility

Over 1 trillion dollars were spent last year in home remodels alone

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Build the financial future you've always dreamed of by retaining your Construction Certification securing higher salary opportunity. 

Benefits Of earning your Construction certification.

  • You’ve earned your certification in construction supervising through construction X at 90% less than the cost to become a construction project manager. With more earning opportunities 

  • Travel Flexibility: Construction x certified agents have the flexibility to work in multiple cities throughout the year. Non certified agents are only allowed to work in one city at a time. 

  • Higher base salary opportunity 

  • Disaster relief travel bonuses. Certified agents have first right of refusal for company paid  disaster relief activations

  • The new you . Learning Basic construction & damage estimation is now your Business , as certified Agents can earn a percentage on contracts through  construction x agency. 

  • Real life Experiences: Certified agents work closely with Entrepreneur property owners. Learning the business from a highest level. 

  • Approved Certified agents will be compensated for training provided by Construction X agency.


  • A one time Certification fee of $499 allows you to take control of your future

Become A Certified Agent Today 


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