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Wood Frame of House

Homeowner's Services

At Construction X we pride ourselves on having great customer service to clients looking for assistance estimating damages or upgrades in their homes or businesses. Construction X then identifies the best licensed General Contractor to perform the scope of work assessed with our client and Agent assigned. 

Choose the quote that best fits your budget, and work starts typically within 5 days with a Certified Agent supervised until completion.


Sign up today for your free estimate 
or call 1-800-959-3161 for emergency OnDemand construction needs.

House Frames

Con X Agency Assistance

Construction X offers many client services including insurance claims assistance at no cost to Homeowners. Signing up with us today allows Construction X to submit your detailed estimate to our partnered local General Contractors in your area to provide the best quote on your project.

Sign up today for your free estimate.

Call 1-800-959-3161 or emergency OnDemand construction needs.

Wooden House


Construction X is a full service Construction Advertising Agency Nationwide. With thousands of General Contractor Partners ConX is helping Homeowners reach their improvement goals with OnDemand Construction services. Along with certified Supervising Agents to help manage the scope of your Project. 
Agents who are partnered with Construction X Agency are given access to thousands of construction contractors, scope software, insurance processing support and much more to help agents provide on demand services to Homeowners.
Construction X Agency is a Homeowner's aid to construction quotes and construction supervision solutions. Post disaster Homeowners receive hundreds of contractors soliciting contracts they aren’t qualified to perform.

Construction X provides Homeowners with local General Contractors partnered exclusively with Construction X to provide the best quotes and construction on your home. General Contractors with a proven record in the state.


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