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Construction Worker

20% of your investment goes back to your region.

Construction X reinvests 20% of your investment back into your selected territory.   As a partner, the operational burden of getting clients is over.

Peace of Mind

As a Construction X Partner, you will never worry about knowing where your next client will come from.   As a partner, Construction X sends you business and you do the work.

Storm Clouds
Who Are We

Why Invest?

Construction X helps Homeowners take control of their properties again. Fight back against Homeowners insurance fine print. Construction X also helps locate FEMA in your region and organizes and processes your claims properly.

Construction X Agency provides exceptional remodeling services for residential and commercial projects with assistance from local Construction X Agents who supervise the construction of your remodeling project through to completion.

Become A Partner

Becoming a partner is a simple process. Fill out the information below to qualify.

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