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ConstructionX is a partnered licensed construction company and full construction agency that provides an all-inclusive servicing platform designed to process all insurance and FEMA claims for contractors.

Con X also provides construction companies with an integrated system to track and find leads in their region. This process gives our construction partners the lead time to complete jobs faster.


ConX agents are independently contracted partners in the field daily to help bring in the leads for our construction partners nationwide. ConX agents are certified to track leads, process claims and supervise the scope of the projects until completion.




Independent  Contractors Opportunities

Local independent contractors have an opportunity to work under Con X licenses and bonds for contracts where applicable. 

Why Build With Us?

Construction X allows potential construction companies locally and nationwide to monetize their company. The Allocation of local construction companies to projects in Commercial, residential construction. 

Disaster zone, and government opportunities. Using individual agents to identify potential leads while also managing those accounts productivity allows faster lead times and turnaround times for construction projects in your region. 

As A Construction X Rep you will learn:

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